Thursday, October 21, 2010


8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
It's good to paint this alla primas again after being away for a little bit.  I've been really busy with so many other things that devoting a bit of time to these gems becomes more difficult everyday.  I've been painting larger paintings and hope to share them with you guys soon when they are ready to be shown.  I can see though how important it is to constantly keep up with these paintings, I compare it to constantly sketching in your sketchbook to keep up with your draftsmanship.  You have to constantly paint in order to keep up with your craft and advance your technique.  
I apologize for not putting up process pictures with this painting, I really forgot to do so until I got halfway through.  These pumpkins where fun to compose I didn't wanna paint a traditional pumpkin just sitting up right.  With these two pumpkins upside down and converging towards the middle, it tells a more interesting story.  I also wanted to paint these guys to rein in the change of season to autumn.  With the leaves starting to change and temperature becoming cooler up here, I found it fitting to paint these upside down pumpkins.  Thanks for stopping by and viewing my painting, hope you enjoyed! 


Carol Blackburn said...

Really nice one, Jonathan. I enjoy seeing your process, too.

Artist Pamela Hunt Lee said...

They look like they are snuggling...

bricarwaller said...

Love your pumpkins, they look so happy together:)

B4painter said...

Love your process as always, but missed seeing the process for this one