Monday, August 16, 2010

"Quick Flower Painting"

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"Alla Prima Flower"
6 x 10 in
Oil on Gessoed Board 
This is a painting I did today in an hour and half at a rose garden near my apartment, the weather is getting much nicer here and its bearable to stay outside without sweating too bad.  I took the weekend off from painting and glad to be back today painting, doing a loose painting like this is different for me but I really love it so far.  It reminds me of doing gesture drawings capturing the essence of the pose and getting it down as quick as you can, these can be warm up painting sketches before getting into the more detailed paintings.  There is still something though that I like from this style of painting, I've noticed I really like doing detailed paintings but too much of it can dull a painting.  Again this is just an experiment to see how I can improve and further develop my technique, thanks for stopping by and viewing.  
Painting the flower at the rose garden, the weather was so nice and my right arm got nicely burned!  I always forget to put sunscreen when I paint outdoors.
Smelling the flower!


Ralph said...

A great post and a beautiful little painting love it.

judith said...

Nice Flower! Love your smelling it!

Judy P. said...

Fun reading, and it's a lovely little painting.

Artist Pamela Hunt Lee said...

Always good to take time to smell the roses.

Tanya Boracay said...

hahaha the painter is so funny. Have a good time to you, nice painting

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