Friday, July 16, 2010


5 x 7 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I really like the way you can compose the slices of these kiwi's and also show the vivid greens within, needless to say after painting them I had a nice treat for the hard work!
I started with a dry brush approach for the drawing stage no mediums just a bit of raw umber on the brush.  I then added the darkest values to the slices using ivory black, I'm starting with thin layers and progressively getting thicker to get the consistency and opaqueness that I want.
Then I added the middle values to the slices using burnt sienna, cerulean blue, and titanium white.  Then  I added the lighter values to the slice facing outwards, I used viridian, cadmium yellow light, cobalt blue,  naples yellow, and titanium white.
Then I added the background once the kiwi's where complete using cerulean blue, naples yellow, and titanium white.
Then I added the base after the background was painted using burnt sienna, cerulean blue, and titanium white.  This painting was a lot of fun and quick to do, I hope you enjoyed this painting thanks for stopping by and viewing!


ali cavanaugh said...

the composition is unexpected, and perfect.

cristinaf said...

Hello ! Nice work again!So if you have time to watch my last post, and if you can tell me were I must insist to correct the mistakes , I'll be grateful to you !

Anonymous said...

Neat, reminds me of a catipillar

meera said...

Just wanted to let you know I have been enjoying your stages to finished paintings! --Thanks for taking the trouble to post the progressions. Even though I have never painted in oils I like seeing how you work :)

Dean Grey said...

I agree with, Ali!

The composition is what makes this still life special!