Friday, May 21, 2010


8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
Hey everyone I wanted to remind you guys that the voting is still open, I want to say thank you to everyone who has voted for me and really appreciate it.  If you have not voted yet for me and want to it's really easy all you have to do is click here and just click on the 5 stars and thats it!  Its that easy!  I really all appreciate your votes.
I started with the usual dry brush approach no mediums were harmed in the making of this painting! just a bit of burnt umber on the brush and thats it.  After the drawing was completed I went into the shadows and the tones within the shadows.  I made sure to take it almost to a finish on the each stage that I start.  I am using ivory black, cadmium light red, cadmium yellow, and titanium white.
Then I add the mid tones and highlights, again taking it to a close finish.  I am using permanent rose, titanium white, and cadmium red.  I make sure the tones are working well with each other, bouncing back and forth from mid tones to highlights.  I then start on the shadow of the second peach, using cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, ivory black, cadmium orange and a bit of viridian.  I am making sure that I do not have to do major changes when I come to these areas, taking them to a close finish.
Then I add the mid tone values and highlights, I am using viridian, cadmium yellow light, and titanium white.  Once I put the them in my shadows start looking different, then I go back into the shadows and work on the chroma and value.  That's why I don't take it all the way to a finish but close enough when I do make those small adjustments it will be done.  After the second peach is done I move onto the darkest value of the base and add that information in, I also stated the cast shadows of the peach.  I am using ivory black, burnt sienna, burnt umber, and cadmium orange.
Then I add the mid values of the base, I used titanium white, naples yellow, and burnt sienna.  After the base was stated I moved onto the background I used naples yellow, cerulean blue, and titanium white.  When adding the background I made sure to clean the edges of the pears and base.  I also added the colors of the background on the base to give it an atmospheric feel. 
This is the finished pic, I added a little details here and there and just stopped.  It was good practice painting these little guys, I hope you enjoyed this one and thanks for stopping by!  


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Jonathan!... Another "peachy keen" painting gem by Aller!

Exquisite texture, precision draughtsmanship and colour here Jonathan... your hallmark traits in all of your work!

I pressed the five star button... without any hesitation my Friend! Good luck with it.Win... lose or draw... your work ranks high in my books!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Samantha said...

I wish I had MANY more hours in the day...I would paint along with all of your demonstrations if I could! Thank you for sharing with all of us your incredible talent. I too have clicked the 5 stars! Many Good Wishes to you!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

This is SUBLIME. I also voted for your exceptional work!

SYLVIANE said...

Magnificent job!

abey said...

yep, voted too! Man youre improving in every painting. Keep on!

un saludo

Judy P. said...

Another peachy lesson, Jonathan-best of luck with the voting too! When you say you use no medium, and that you do dry-brushing, does that mean you are using no turps or OMS too? Sometimes the paint seems too thick for dry-brushing- thanks as always!

Jesus Estevez said...

Good work Jonathan, best luck in your endeavors.

cristinaf said...

Hello Jonathan, I admire your paintings, you do such a wonderful work! I voted for you!

ronit abigail said...

Hello Jonathan,great work i love the light in this painting a lot , i would appriciete if you can share with me where did you study art in italy where exactly? for i am planing to travel soon to be able to develope my skill in painting further abraod... it is my heart wish for a long time .. thank you for sharing regards ronit