Tuesday, April 6, 2010


6 x 8 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started with a dry brush as usual, burnt umber and no medium.
I went straight into the rose and stated the mid tones first then went to the lighter tones and at times going to the darker tones.
Then I added the background colors and filled in the leaves as well.  In these stages I am dabbing the colors in their respectful areas and not worrying about blending everything to perfection.
Then I went back into the lily and tightened it to make it look more presentable.  I went around the edges and cleaned it up and left some areas loose as well, I am also stating more of the darks so the lights can be emphasized even more.
Then I went back into the background and added more of the darks and softening the leaves as well to bring more of the attention to the lily.  Playing with edges is always a fun thing to do and challenging at times, but if you pay close attention to them you will see how great you'r painting can become.  I had a lot of fun painting this one and also not so fun as the pollen was making me sneeze a lot and eyes water and nose running.  The things artist go through for the love of painting! Hope you enjoyed this one!


billspaintingmn said...

Ha Jonathan, sneeze, but watch out for bees!
This painting is beautiful!
The color and the composition make this quite
(A pale gold frame would set this off..) I'm not trying to sell you anything. But I know a few things in this art market.
Very classy painting!

RĂ©gis Pettinari said...

beautiful series of flowers, Jonathan. Very succesfull ! This one particularly and the previous one, too .

Jesus Estevez said...

very nice work, i like that you show the process , it is very inteesting

SEILER said...

GEEZ man . . . your paintings are getting more and more photo realistic, yet the still keep a painterly feel to them . . . SO GOOD!

ronit abigail said...

thank you , i learn from you a lot , i am gratfule , your paint beautifuly

Dean Grey said...

This is soooo pretty, Jonathan!