Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Red Plums"

"Red Plums"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started with a dry brush and did not go too detailed with the drawing, I wanted to add more details with paint rather than painting within the lines.
I then added the background when I was satisfied with the drawing, I also introduced the cast shadows from the plums.
Then I started with the first plum just indicating the basic colors or the local colors.  At this stage I apply the paint pretty thin so it does not get muddy and its easier to blend in the end.
Then I moved onto the second plum, as you can see from the previous pic I altered the drawing so the second plum was closer to the first one.  I don't know how I missed that with the initial drawing but I'm glad I caught it or it would have been a boring painting composition wise.  After modeling the form with the local colors I introduced more the darks in the cast shadows and also in the plums.
This is the finished painting.  I went back into it and started chipping away at the smaller shapes or the details, towards the end I apply the darkest darks to tie the piece together.  I kept the background rather simple, I really like how it works with this painting.  I hope you enjoyed!


SEILER said...

I can smell Red Plums . . . . no joke . . . great! Love the Kate painting too . . . not sure what to do about taking pictures either, something I'm frustrated about as well!

Judy P. said...

Jonathan, I'm having trouble keeping up with all your posts- great work, and you are so consistent with your starts that I realize I must develop that too. Thanks for the guidance!

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Lovely as always, Jonathan. A very warm and inviting painting.

RUDHI - Chance said...

Enjoying your perfection I'm getting mad, how you do such clearness...

Anonymous said...

yep, i enjoyed following that and seeing the final result, a delightful still life

Lokelani Forrest said...

Jonathan...Love your plums, very realistic. Thanks for explaining your process in getting to the finish. Very helpful.