Friday, February 19, 2010

"Foot in the Door"

This was the entrance to the "Foot in the Door"show, it was held at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  The line to get in was about a 45 minute wait, and it wrapped around three rooms.  Their was so much artwork that it overflowed to the outside of the gallery as you can see in this pic.  
There was so much artwork and people it was a little overwhelming, I could not find my piece in the sea of art.
Found it!
My wonderful girlfriend, Ivan and I!  
I have to say when I was looking for it I was a little nervous that they would have placed it to high for anyone to see, but it was placed perfect at eye level.  This is the first time I have shown my ball point pen drawing in a public show, I'm very proud and pleased with the result.  I hope you enjoyed it!


Judy P. said...

Hi Jonathan- glad you went to it; I was there that afternoon, and they had the rooms roped off, but you could lean in and see most of the walls. I couldn't find my own piece! I'll get there in a couple of days- I hope it's not in an awful spot. But from the entry I saw yours and thought-'hey that looks like Jonathan's'. So I was right- when I go I'll see yours close up!

SEILER said...

What a strange show . . . that piece you had in the show is KILLER . . amazing ball point pen drawing . . . great to see it framed as well!

ian said...

I love that piece. Man, you are good.