Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ball point pen drawing!

7 x 10 in
Ball Point Pen
This is a ball point pen drawing that I did for a buddy of mine that really likes these guys.  They're names are starting with the obvious George Washington, Henry Knox, and Nathaneal Greene.  It was a challenge doing this drawing, first I have never done more than one portrait on a page.  Getting their likenesses was also a little challenging, my process with ballpoint pen to continue with the other post, is that I just dive into the drawing without doing any prep work, I start with really light lines or guidelines to show me the right measurements.  Once that's layed out I go into the darks, or at times I just concentrate on sections of the drawing bringing to an almost finish look enthen move onto the next.  Once I have the whole drawing harmonized and the tones are right, I go in and blend what needs further blending and bring it to a finish. Doing ball point pen is very challenging, I view it as doing charcoal drawings. If you have the right control then it becomes much easier to manipulate the tones.  Hope you enjoy!


Dominic Philibert said...

Well done!

Mike Eppe said...

Great work !

SEILER said...

Holy cow . . . ball point pen awesomeness!