Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Morning Midst"

This is another of my daily paintings that I am starting to do more and more.  They are so much fun to do.  Its great practice in so many ways.  I have also done another little video to go along with it (you can view the video on the sidebar of the blog).  I am pushing myself to do more and more of daily paintings, I think its a great thing to do, and one can learn so much of it.  This painting was also done here in Zug, Switzerland.  Its a pretty muted palette but at the same time there are many colors that are being harmonized, its a pretty tricky painting to execute but a lot of fun to do and learning.  The picture does not show to much of the colors that are in the right of the foreground, kind of looks all dark with little subtleties but it has light greenish blues and some yellows too.  Enjoy!!!



Terrific piece Jon! The subtleties are quite visually seductive.

Artpencil Radisch said...

wonderful artworks!